Episode 9 with Brie Seward

Episode 9 with Brie Seward

Brie is the Executive Director of the Autism Society of Southern Arizona (ASSA). She began as a volunteer on the marketing committee, lending her experience by working in publishing, eCommerce and digital marketing. After graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism she began working in publishing at Harper’s Bazaar and Gourmet magazines. She also performed eCommerce services for Bond No. 9 Fragrances and Louis Vuitton in New York City, as well as digital marketing services for Perry Ellis brands in Miami. Brie is a graduate of the University of Arizona Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (ArizonaLEND) program. Brie has recently received her Master of Arts Degree in Communication from Arizona State University as well as her certificate in Nonprofit Leader & Management from the University of Arizona Eller Executive Education Program. 

Episode 9 with Brie Seward on the Disability Empowerment Now Podcast

She is also a member of multiple groups and organizations – the Autism Society of America Marketing Task Force, the Sonoran Center for Excellence in Disabilities (UCEDD) Community Council, and the ArizonaLEND Letter of Intent (LOI) review panel. On top of all of the work and volunteering she does, Brie is also a parent and aunt to boys diagnosed with autism. Brie is incredibly passionate about serving the Autism community and does her absolute best to serve others.

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