Disability Empowerment Now

Season 1 is available


“Season 1 of Disability Empowerment Now was an introduction to disability topics (I.E. Disability Law, Service Providers and Community Outreach) for listeners who perhaps were unaware of the varied issues facing the disability community like accessible transportation and finding employment. In the first season, I featured different voices, from self-advocates and politicians to CEOs, both with disabilities and those who do not have any, and parent advocates.

While the theme came in the process of recording season 1, season 2 was planned out from the very beginning. It expanded from ten to twenty episodes and its overarching theme is Disability Arts and Culture. The new season is split into two parts and begins streaming at the end of this month. I could not be more excited for Season 2 and I hope you will enjoy it and tell your friends and family about it!” Disability Empowerment Now Host Keith Murfee said.

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Episode 1 with Jovan Ruvalcaba

Episode 2 with Jennifer Longdon


Episode 3 with Anita Altman

Episode 4 with Kat Stratford

Episode 5 with Dennis DeConcini

Episode 6 with Jared Perkins

Jared Perkins is smiling and is next to a quote in which he says, "“Autism has really seen an improvement in access to care. And I think a lot of that is because of the dedication of some of the kind of grassroots advocacy work that we had been doing”.

Episode 7 with Kyle Lininger

Episode 8 with Jon Meyers

Jon Meyers became Executive Director of the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council in March 2022, after serving as Executive Director of The Arc of Arizona since 2013. Jon’s background in the non-profit sector spans more than 30 years and ranges from the arts and education to social services and animal welfare.

Episode 9 with Brie Seward

Episode 9 with Brie Seward on the Disability Empowerment Now Podcast

Season 1 Finale with J.J Rico is out now!