About DEN

My life’s work is to raise awareness and advocate for disability rights through public speaking and writing.

Keith Murfee-DeConcini

When I was working on my Master’s degree in Disability Studies, with the intention of becoming an advocate for disability rights and justice as my life’s work, I began searching for resources on the internet that focused on empowerment.

Finding very few, the idea for this site started to form in my mind. There are tons and tons of resources surrounding disabilities on the internet. What sets this site apart is the focus on empowerment and employment as well as reinforcing the message that people with disabilities want to, and do, work extremely hard.

Empowering advocates to be even more effective is vital to the pursuit of disability rights and justice. Although I am a writer, I feel podcasts are a better option for conducting interviews and promoting knowledge. My writings on disability, and a blog on various subjects related to disability issues, are a part of this site, yet I consider podcasts to be the main focus of Disability Empowerment Now (DEN). I want the advocates I interview to be able to tell their stories and offer advice in their own voices.

I welcome you to listen to these podcasts and hope you find knowledge here to empower you in your advocacy.

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