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Episode 2 with Jennifer Longdon

Episode 2 with Rep. Jennifer Longdon is out now on our website and on all streaming platforms! Jennifer Longdon is one of two elected members of the Arizona House of Representatives serving Legislative District 24, which covers Central Phoenix and South Scottsdale. Paralyzed in a random shooting in 2004, Jennifer is an outspoken advocate for people with disabilities and strengthening laws to curb gun violence. We also want to add a *trigger warning* to this episode because there are mentions of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, gun violence, and hospital abuse and neglect. Thank you so much for a very candid interview, Jennifer. Transcripts for each episode are also available through a link in the episode show notes:

Episode 1 with Jovan Ruvalcaba

We are proud to present the first episode of the Disability Empowerment Now Podcast! Jovan Ruvalcaba is a Tucson-based attorney and disability rights advocate. We discuss his long-distance relationship, education, career, and the joy of traveling. You can find a transcript of this podcast episode by clicking this link: disability-empowerment-now.castos.com/episodes/episode-1-with-jovan-ruvalcaba.