Season 2 Episode 1 with Keith Jones

Disability Empowerment Now
Season 2 Episode 1 with Keith Jones

Keith P. Jones is a 2021 Emmy award-winning musician, CEO, and President of Soul Touchin Experiences LLC. According to Jones’ website: “Keith P. Jones started SoulTouchin’ Experiences to bring a perspective to the issues of access inclusion and empowerment which affect himself as well as others who are persons with a disability. With involvement in efforts ranging from the Arts to Medicaid to Voter Rights and Access, Mr. Jones has consolidated his interests, passion, and beliefs into an organization that trains and consults with individuals

and organizations.” Jones is also the co-founder of Krip-Hop Nation, an inclusive platform that elevates and supports marginalized communities through artistic expression.

According to the Krip-Hop website:

“Krip-Hop Institute (KHI) is a cultural, activist, and inclusive platform meeting space for the community. KHI specializes in the accurate representation of those who are marginalized, especially disabled, Black, and the intersection between the Black disabled community.”

Access the Transcript HERE.

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