S2 Episode 3 with Tina Bauschatz

S2 Episode 3 with Tina Bauschatz

Tina Bauschatz is the Founder and Director of the Reading Therapy Center of Southern Arizona. She is a reading expert who specializes in teaching neurodivergent children – from autism to dyslexia – how to read. “I founded The Reading Therapy Center in 2019 to address a need in the community for children with challenges to get consistent, high-quality academic services. I also saw how multidisciplinary services (speech, occupational, behavioral, etc.) could accelerate a child’s academic progress when the providers worked together as a team,” according to the Reading Center’s website.

“The Reading Therapy Center is an educational agency that provides 1:1 tutoring in reading, writing, and math to children of all ages and

abilities, including those with mild-to-severe learning challenges such as dyslexia, autism, intellectual disability, communication disorders, and ADHD In fact, we offer a variety of programs to support the needs of every child! These include our Just-for-Fun Clubs,

Social-Thinking Groups for children on the autism spectrum, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, morning classes for Homeschoolers, and a Bridge-to-Kindergarten Program for ages 3-6,” from the Reading Center’s website.

Get the transcript for the episode HERE.

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