S2 Episode 18 with Jamon Freeman

S2 Episode 18 with Jamon Freeman

Jamon Freeman,  B.K.A. A “triple threat” black, Deaf & physically challenged. He’s a generous guy who’s multi-talented, an athlete and a poet making a difference in both communities by bridging gaps within the deaf and hearing community. His goal is to open multiple doors for the youth. As a poet, Jamon is working on a “2nd” poetry book “The Road to Prosperity (into the light of Ambivalence.)” [Picture below], will be released sometime in 2023, this year.

Jamon is/was and forever will be a competitive athlete who has played most sports there is on both sides, as an abled body and physically challenged athlete. He’s played football, basketball, soccer, baseball, wrestling, swimming, tennis and so on. His body had gotten weaker, back then the disability was unknown for years (although on paper his diagnosis was C.P.). Later on in college at Gallaudet University, he continued playing wheelchair basketball after playing for the Rimriders for some time. He played for the Washington Air Capitals before switching to play for the then division II NRH Ambassadors, now known as the professional-level Division I NRH Punishers. Before that change occurred he transferred to the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where he played for the Fighting Scots. He learned that he had M.D., which changed everything.

After his college days were behind him he returned home to play for Sportable Rim Riders before hanging it up due to complications. After a long absence, he returned to Sportable and joined wheelchair lacrosse as a decent goaltender, he participated in other sports activities as well.


Access the episode transcript HERE.

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