S2 Episode 16 with Dyara & George Henderson

Disability Empowerment Now
S2 Episode 16 with Dyara & George Henderson

Dyara and George Henderson are the parents of the late Jonathan Henderson, who Keith had known for over 20 years.

Dyara Henderson is from Adelphi, Maryland. Ms. Henderson attended City College of New York and holds a Master’s of Christian Education and Counseling. A lifelong reader, passionate about working with youth; she has volunteered with the U. S. Dream Academy for over seven years. Ms. Henderson is retired and worked for 30 years as an Administrative Assistant to an Investment Banker in Washington, D.C.

Pastor George Henderson is an associate pastor of the National Church of God, Fort Washington, Maryland. He has served in this capacity for over 30 years. He serves as a liaison to the Men’s Ministry, Helps Ministry, Widows Ministry, Couples Ministry, Men Becoming Kings (MBK) and coordinator with other Churches in the DMV on special projects. He also co-teaches the Church’s Men Bible Class.

Find the transcript of this episode HERE.

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