S2 Episode 15 with LeAnna Lucero

S2 Episode 15 with LeAnna Lucero

LeAnna Lucero is a recreational therapist. Keith and Lucero first met when they were in the Arizona LEND program in 2017. They actually co-taught a class on Cerebral Palsy. Lucero’s Arizona LEND bio:

“I am a child life specialist and recreational therapist at Diamond Children’s Hospital. I have a master’s degree in therapeutic recreation from University of Wisconsin La Crosse. I work with pediatric patients and families to help them master their healthcare experience through diagnosis/procedural education and utilizing activities to promote coping and enhance one’s overall wellness and quality of life in the hospital. I have worked throughout the U.S., which provided me with opportunities to work with diverse cultures and populations from people seeking refuge, to minorities, and Amish communities. My work with pediatric patients of all abilities has given me an awareness of disparities faced by children seeking healthcare services and shed light on potential challenges to receiving care for children with complex medical needs. I look forward to learning more about the intricacies of healthcare services, including how to advocate and

bring awareness to pediatric health needs to help eliminate healthcare disparities, as well as gain new insight into the talents of other healthcare professionals to foster strong interdisciplinary relationships in pediatric healthcare.”

Acces to the transcript of this episode HERE.

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