S2 Episode 12 with Dr. Amy Kenny

S2 Episode 12 with Dr. Amy Kenny

Dr. Amy Kenny is a disabled scholar and Shakespearan lecturer from the University of Sussex whose research focuses on medical and bodily themes in literature. Her work has been featured in publications such as Teen Vogue, The Mighty, The Audacity, and Sojourners. Kenny is a scribe for Freedom Road Institute for Leadership and Justice and also serves on the mayor’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce in California.  She supports the homeless in her community and is currently launching Jubilee Homes OC, a supportive housing solution in her local community.

Find the transcript for the episode HERE.

Find her book HERE.

“[Much of the church has forgotten that we worship a disabled God whose wounds survived resurrection, says Amy Kenny. It is time for the church to start treating disabled people as full members of the body of Christ who have much more to offer than a miraculous cure narrative and to learn from their embodied experiences.

Written by a disabled Christian, this book shows that the church is missing out on the prophetic witness and blessing of disability. Kenny reflects on her experiences inside the church to expose unintentional ableism and cast a new vision for Christian communities to engage disability justice. She shows that until we cultivate church spaces where people with disabilities can fully belong, flourish, and lead, we are not valuing the diverse members of the body of Christ.

Offering a unique blend of personal storytelling, fresh and compelling writing, biblical exegesis, and practical application, this book invites readers to participate in disability justice and create a more inclusive community in church and parachurch spaces. Engaging content such as reflection questions and top-ten lists are included].” – Baker Publishing Group

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