S2 Episode 11 with Bronson Layton

Disability Empowerment Now
S2 Episode 11 with Bronson Layton

My name is Bronson Layton. I am originally from Ragland, Alabama, but I now live in South Carolina. I am twenty-five years old. I graduated from Ragland High School in 2016. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English at Jacksonville State University in 2020, and a Master’s Degree in English from the same university in 2022. I am a college instructor, and I am currently teaching introductory-level English courses at different community colleges. Since 2019, I have been a full-time autism advocate and a part-time YouTuber to showcase my advocacy. My YouTube channel is called Brons Over Brains.

I was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) in 1999, when I was two years old. I spent

most of my childhood being unaware about my diagnosis until I was fifteen years old, and since then, I have used that knowledge about myself to overcome social and mental challenges, as well as helping others on the spectrum be the best versions of themselves. Eventually, in 2020, my story was discovered by Good Morning America, and I told my story personally to the rest of the United States. I continue to advocate for the autism community, and I have dedicated my life to helping others find their voice in society, both as a teacher and an advocate.

Access the transcript for the episode HERE.

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