Episode 5 with Dennis DeConcini

Disability Empowerment Now
Episode 5 with Dennis DeConcini

Dennis DeConcini is a former United States Senator who served in public office at the same time the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was debated, crafted, and signed into law. Dennis practiced law in Tucson, AZ, for many years before being elected to Pima County Attorney from 1973 to 1976. This started his path towards achieving a seat in the US Senate. He was elected in 1977 and served until 1995. Dennis identifies as a Democrat but worked tirelessly to reach across the aisle to get important legislation passed. He discusses this work in his memoir From the Center of the Aisle. In this episode, Dennis reminisces about politics during his time and

what it was like to debate the ADA. He also gives advice to disability advocates hoping to update the ADA during the current political atmosphere. Thanks for coming on the show Dennis and your contribution to disability rights!

Find the transcript HERE.

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