Episode 4 with Kat Stratford

Episode 4 with Kat Stratford

Kat Stratford is a single mom to a brilliant daughter and an extraordinary trans son. A twenty-year resident of Tucson, Kat is an outspoken advocate for victims of violent crime and has spent the last two years focused on policies that would help survivors of sexual and domestic violence. As a survivor herself, she is dedicated to removing obstacles that keep people in dangerous situations. Kat has been living with Ménière’s Disease since 2020 and is acquiring deafness and learning sign language. She is currently a candidate for State House in the newly redistricted LD 18 and plans to focus on these issues as well as climate change, reproductive and voting rights, and expanding access to education.

You can support and follow her campaign at KatForAz.com!

Find the transcript HERE.

*This episode contains mentions of domestic abuse, marital abuse, and other related topics surrounding abuse, viewer discretion is advised*


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