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The Estrangement Factor of Mild Cerebral Palsy (Psychosocial, Cultural and Political Aspects of Disability) [2014]


The Desirability of Disability: The Social Misconception of Asexuality (Embodiment and Disability) [2014]


Interviewing the Actor with Flippers (Embodiment and Disability) [2014]


Marriage between People with Cognitive Disabilities and Thwarting the Ability to Consent (Disability Law and Policy) [2014]


Shutter-brook (Disability Law and Policy) [2014]


Buck v Bell (1927) Law Brief (Disability Law and Policy) [2014]


Journal 1, My First Word (Disability and Narrative) [2014]


Silver Linings Playbook Reaction Paper (Disability and Narrative) [2014]


Disability Activism in Blogging and Social Media (Disability in Mass Media) [2017]


Finding Disability Pride in American Horror Story: Freak Show (Disability in Mass Media) [2017]


Exploring the Complexities of Disabled Masculinity: A Primer (Disability and Diversity) [2018]


Terror of The Black Stork: Love Story to Eugenics (Disability History) [2018]


Toxic Masculinity and Disability (Research Methods) [2018]


The Foundational Laws of Special Education (Children with Disabilities, Law & Policy) [2019]


Capitol Crawl Program Reflection [2019]

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Disability Etiquette for Bus Operators